Hi everyone!

easy english decided to create a blog where we’ll be writing in English.

The purpose of the blog is to publish some interesting texts for you which will help you to improve your command of English. We are going to prepare some exercises for you as well. So, if there are any, please leave your answers in comments. The correct answers will be always published the next day so that you will be able to check. We’ll do our best to find some interesting videos or other sources of education that we find useful. You may also visit our fan page where we have short quizzes for our fans. If you have anything interesting feel free to share it with us! We hope to have heated discussions with you! We believe that nothing but practice will help you to improve your language skills.

Soon there will be our warm up exercise for you! We’re preparing something special:)

Hope you’ll enjoy our new idea!

Karolina Ryszkiewicz – easy english